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2328, 17 Jun 18

Madison Scouts Admits First Woman

Time’s a changin’

When Megan Hutera was invited to audition for the highly competitive Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps, she was cautioned she could be making history.

“I did some pre-audition stuff, but when I got to my live audition I remember somebody saying, ‘You know you will be a celebrity, right?’ ” the Wisconsin college student said.

“I don’t really see myself in that light. It is without a doubt that I am doing something with this organization that has not been done before, and I do acknowledge that,” she said.

“But either way, I’m here to perform with my brothers and put on the best show that we can.”

Hutera, a 19-year-old trumpet player from Rice Lake, is the first female musician to perform with the Madison Scouts. Now in its 80th year, with a reputation for top-notch musicianship, marching precision and members who come from around the world, the group is still officially all-male.


2328, 17 June 2018


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