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0656, 03 May 18

Pro-Gun Students Walk Out in Protest

While I appreciate their effort to answer the anti-gun protests of last month, they should still stay in school.

(CNN)Some students who support gun rights walked out of school on Wednesday in a coordinated event to “Stand for the Second.”

Lane Cooper, 16, is an 11th-grade student in the Schoharie Central School District in New York, and he was one of those who walked out of class.
He was part of a group of 22 students at his school Wednesday morning who recited the Pledge of Allegiance, held pro-Second Amendment signs, and talked about how the Second Amendment was about defending against tyrannical government or any other threats.
“I do think there are way too many gun control laws, especially in New York where I am,” he said.

0656, 03 May 2018


  1. jjf

    What? No discussion of teachers assisting them and colluding? No discussion of the way an outside non-student group called Stand for the Second was actually being run by Tea Party Patriots Action, and which may have links to FreedomWorks?

  2. dad29

    Blogs are free, John Foust.  You can start your own and make all the points you think are important.

  3. jjf

    Just trying to be fair and balanced and stimulate the conversation.

    Whatabout the outside agitators? Where were these thugs radicalized? 

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