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0958, 18 Apr 18

Tom Barrett Considers Running for Governor

I suspect that this is just the result of liberal journalists sitting around bemoaning the weak field of Democrats already running, but I would LOVE to see Barrett run again.

Mayor Tom Barrett weighs another bid for governorDaniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes: “He has more than $600,000 in his campaign account. The competition is weak and frayed. And the job is one he has long coveted. Yep, Mayor Tom Barrett is thinking about running for governor. For a fourth time. Sources confirmed this week that the fourth-term mayor has been sounding out his team of advisers about entering the Democratic primary for governor later this year.

If Barrett enters, he would likely become the immediate favorite in the Democratic field. It would be a bruising primary battle between the Mayors of Madison and Milwaukee with Tony Evers tag-teaming in for both sides.


0958, 18 April 2018


  1. billphoto

    This would be great.  Just the image of the clown car makes me laugh.

    The downside is if Gov. Walker gets his campaign advise from Hilgemann and Lansing, we could have one of these leftists as our next Governor.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I got his motto:

    “Too much prosperity, we need to return to the Doyle times”

  3. jsr

    This could be his fourth loss?  Most people would give up after becoming a three-time loser.

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