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1255, 24 Feb 18

Mother and Daughter Thwart Armed Robber

Good guys with a gun.

A mother-daughter duo are confronted by an armed robber in their family’s liquor store in Oklahoma, but they quickly pull out their own guns and shoot him several times, and its all caught on CCTV.

The incredible heart stopping footage shows Tina Ring, 53, and her daughter Ashley Lee, 30, appearing to cooperate after giving the robbery money while being held up with a shotgun at their Forest Acres Liquor Store Thursday night.

However the fast acting women grabbed two small pistols hidden under the register and lock him in the store with a button, turning the tables on the would-be robber, who police identified as Tyrone Lee, 36.

First Tina shoots Lee once at point blank range, as he runs off she pumps off two more shots in his direction. Her daughter Ashley looks to be dialing 911 while her mother covers them waiting for the brazen robber to return.

I wish these two ladies were guarding the school in Florida.

Also, click through the link and watch the video. See how active the robber is and how he attacks one of the ladies even after he’s been shot. THAT is why one shoots to stop the threat and not try to wound, warn, scare, or disarm an attacker.


1255, 24 February 2018


  1. billphoto

    Scary time.  Personally, I would have recommended a larger caliber firearm with 3 center mass, if possible.  Of course, Tyrone would not be recovering from his wounds and Mother and Daughter would have saved us the cost of the trial and incarceration but then someone would complain about excessive use of force for using a 45 and call for banning large caliber handguns.

    Good idea Owen had.  To expand upon it, perhaps the Broward County Sheriffs Dept, or at least 4 of them, could take some training from these brave, courageous ladies.

  2. Paul

    Still stupid to even letting him within three feet of you after shootIng him.

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