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1443, 04 Feb 18

Teacher in Trouble After “Lesson” about Slavery


A New York City middle school teacher’s lesson on slavery in America has sparked outrage after she allegedly singled out black students and told them to lie face-down on the classroom floor.

Students and a staff member at a middle school in the Bronx told the New York Daily News that social studies teacher Patricia Cummings was giving a lesson to several 7th-grade classes about the Middle Passage, the harrowing journey of millions of Africans who were kidnapped and shipped to America as part of the Atlantic slave trade.

Cummings, who is reportedly white, allegedly had black students lie on the floor. At one point, the New York Daily News reports, she allegedly stepped on the back of at least one of the students and said, “How does it feel? See how it feels to be a slave?”

If I paint this in the most favorably way, I can see what the teacher was trying to do. She was trying to evoke an emotional connection between the kids and the plight of slaves… but what an idiotic way to teach the subject.


1443, 04 February 2018


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