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0613, 31 Jan 18

West Bend’s New Development Manager

West Bend has a new Development Manager. And he blogs…

I hear a lot as I reach out to local businesses with the number one concern being workforce.  The City of West Bend is creating a blog to address certain topics related to Economic Development and the City.  This is intended to facilitate a discussion and you can find our blog on the City of West Bend website under “The WB-log”, along with various social media sites.  So follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn, the City of West Bend has some fun new and exciting things going on. You don’t want to miss out.

I know what you are thinking and it can be fun, interesting, and engaging. I could add a joke or two if you would like but I am under the impression everyone would prefer a list.  So here is my top 7 list of what needs to be mentioned to keep you engaged.

  1. Roads
  2. Target and Olive Garden coming to town
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Foxconn (it’s an economic development blog) – And by the way… we can talk about this if you would like but talking about Foxconn is like trying to have a serious conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the end you are just going to be thinking to yourself, “Can you believe this giant man is talking to me and is he doing a fake accent of himself?” It is just hard to take too seriously because of the magnitude of everything surrounding it. (I’m counting this as a mini blog within an blog)
  5. The Brewery
  6. The Bucks (That one is for me)
  7. Fleet Farm

Why am I taking the time to write this?  Well, I am your new Economic Development Manager for the City of West Bend.  The way I see this going and the way this will probably go are two totally different things most likely.  I want to take topics in the City of West Bend and Economic Development in an effort to have a conversation about them.  This is not going to be just me rambling, the City of West Bend wants to hear from you.  To prove it, here is my contact information.

Adam Gitter, Economic Development Manager

(262) 306-3108

Please feel free to ask the City of West Bend questions.  Whether it be on social media or you contact me directly.  In the future, writings can be short and sweet or long and bitter.  No special format, just discussing a topic.  If a conversation starts, then a goal for the blog has been met.  Please be respectful to one another, and know that my sarcasm and sense of humor is not for everyone. I just want to write about topics that I find interesting and I hear a lot about in my daily life on the job.


0613, 31 January 2018


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