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1935, 31 Jan 18


FBI Doesn’t Want to #releasethememo

So the agency that would be embarrassed by the information in the memo does not want the memo to be released. Gotcha.

The FBI has publicly challenged a push by Republican lawmakers to release a controversial memo which purports to show anti-Trump bias at the agency.

“We have grave concerns about the material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy,” the FBI said in a statement.


The four-page memo, which was compiled by staffers for the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, claims that the Department of Justice abused the surveillance programme known as FISA to unfairly target a member of the Trump campaign.

According to lawmakers who have reviewed it, the document purports to show that the agency obtained a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign aide after submitting as evidence the unproven “Russian dossier”.

It is the duty of the oversight committee to provide… you know… oversight. If the FBI was running rogue, then they need to be called out by the people’s representatives. The fact that the FBI is squealing so loud makes me think that the oversight committee is not far from the mark.


1935, 31 January 2018



  1. jonnyv

    I see no need to make it public. If a portion of the FBI is running rogue, then handle it internally. Fire, demote, arrest… whatever. But dragging the FBI thru the mud seems like a bad idea all around.

    The guy that TRUMP PICKED is saying that it could harm the FBI and their ability to do their job.

    This seems like a direct ploy to make the FBI look bad to the public.

    I personally think someone is going down for obstruction/collusion, or whatever in the Trump administration. There is too much smoke for there not to be some fire. Not sure WHO (doubt it is Trump). Maybe Jr, Manafort, Sessions, Bannon, whomever. And this seems like a convenient way for them to point and say, “See they had it in for us from the start.”

  2. jonnyv

    Oh, and lets look at it from a partisan POV. Do you honestly think that a memo written by a REPUBLICAN about an agency looking into the REPUBLICAN president is unbiased? Just take that statement and back it up 3 years and how do you feel? My understanding is that the Democrats are saying that it doesn’t give a complete outline of all the facts and they can’t share all of them because they are classified. Without ALL the facts, you can make anything look bad.

    Owen hits car.
    Owen drives away.

    You neglect to say that Owen gets out and exchanges insurance info and that story looks very bad.

    I don’t trust anyone in politics. They are all trying to cover their ass.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    “The fact that the FBI is squealing so loud makes me think that the oversight committee is not far from the mark”.

    Using that same rationale, change “FBI” to “Trump”, and “oversight committee” to “FBI” and it all makes sense.

  4. jonnyv

    HAHAHA. And then there is this… They truly can’t stop stepping on rakes.
    BREAKING: Discovered late tonight that Chairman Nunes made material changes to the memo he sent to White House – changes not approved by the Committee. White House therefore reviewing a document the Committee has not approved for release.

  5. Paul

    (Citation missing)

  6. Paul

    And Adam Schiff is not a source. The fact you’d use him at face value shows what a fascist partisan hack you are.

  7. jonnyv

    Adam Schiff IS a source, he may be a biased source, but that doesn’t change the fact if he is correct…

    A Nunes spokesman dismissed the concerns, telling CNN that the changes were not substantive and some even requested by the Democrats.

    So, he DID change it. The question comes down to if the committee needed to re-authorize it after the changes.

  8. Paul

    Another nothing burger.

  9. jonnyv

    Paul, I don’t doubt that it very well COULD be a nothing burger.

  10. Pat

    The Daily Wire???? That’s a pretty unbiased source, said no one

  11. Paul

    Where’s your sources, anti-Semite?

  12. Jason

    >Using that same rationale, change “FBI” to “Trump”, and “oversight committee” to “FBI” and it all makes sense.

    Change FBI to IRS and “Conservative Groups” to “Lost Emails” or “Public Apologies” and it fits the modus operandi of the former president and high ranking Democrat law makers.

    Funny how that’s forgotten.

  13. Jason

    Memo released.  Nothing good in it.  Disturbing is a FISA warrant can actually be granted based on a Yahoo News Article.  The objections from the FBI and DOJ are ridiculous and lead me to think they cannot be trusted in any way.  I will now doubt anything I hear from them… there’s nothing in that memo that is national security.

    >The Justice Department has already said that releasing the memo would be “extraordinarily reckless” and could hurt national security or ongoing investigations.

    Stupid and makes them seem like they’re full of shit.  The only way this possibly could hurt national security would be if it’s true that they were able to maintain surveillance on an American Citizen by sourcing a Yahoo News Article.  There must be more accountability and oversight if that is true.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    Daily wire is way more unbiased than NBC, PMSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc.  Memo is a bomb!   Hillary and the Democrats are so corrupt, it is impossible who should all go to jail beyond Hillary.

  15. Pat


    More unbiased? According to who??

    I’m sure the memo is giving all the Trumpanzees wood. I never expected less from it. Now we’ll have to wait for all the facts to come out.

  16. Pat

    “Daily wire is way more unbiased than NBC, PMSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc“

    Why didn’t you include FOX?? They should have topped your list.

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