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0621, 31 Jan 18

Barrett Interfered with Police Investigation of Bucks Player?

If this was “Mayor Trump,” I suspect that the newspaper would be more interested in digging into the story instead of parroting denials.

Ald. Bob Donovan made the brazen claim Tuesday, a day after Milwaukee police announced Bucks rookie Sterling Brown would not be charged after officers arrested and used a Taser on him during an encounter that began with a parking violation.

Donovan, who represents the area where Brown was arrested, cited unnamed sources for his claims about Barrett and said the allegations, if true, are “disturbing.”


Police Chief Edward Flynn also had sharp words for Donovan.

“Although the mayor was briefed in general terms about this incident, I never had a conversation with him or took direction from him about this case,” Flynn said in a statement.

“Although I appreciate Alderman Donovan’s knee-jerk loyalty to the union’s position on everything, I would remind him that getting his information from the Milwaukee Police Association does not equate with actually knowing the facts,” he said.

In an interview, Donovan said: “I’m confident that what I was told is accurate.”

Milwaukee police command staff reviewed reports and body camera footage of the arrest and decided not to refer Brown to prosecutors for criminal charges, a police spokesman said Monday.

Barrett’s own actions belay the notion that he was a passive bystander. He was out in the media within a day saying that Brown wouldn’t be charged. And it is highly suspicious how a guy who was tased at 2 in the morning in a Walgreen’s parking lot after double parking over two handicapped spaces is released within 2 hours. And it is highly suspicious how the announcement came so quickly that he would not be charged. I suspect that if he were a regular black man in Milwaukee and not a Bucks player, the treatment would have been different. Somebody’s finger was on the scale.

Given that this was a Walgreen’s parking lot, which was surely being recorded, and there were several police officers with vehicle and body cams, we should be able to see what really happened fairly quickly.


0621, 31 January 2018


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