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1142, 13 Jan 18

Where are the Liberal Companies?

I was scrolling through the list of American businesses that have announced employee bonueses, wage increases, etc. after the Republican tax reform was signed into law. Something stands out… where are all of the liberal companies? Where is Google? Facebook? Twitter? Uber? Penzeys? Berkshire Hathaway? Microsoft? Progressive? GEICO? Apple? Etc.

Are the owners of these companies just going to stuff their tax savings in their pockets? Why aren’t they announcing plans to give that money to their employees? Or investing in their American facilities? Or giving some to charities?

Their absence is rather conspicuous.


1142, 13 January 2018


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Absolutely!    With a big emphasis on Berkshire.

  2. Pat

    What’s Dairy Queen going to give to their Kewaskum employees?

  3. Paul

    Probably more than what anti-Semitic trolls contribute…

  4. Pat

    “Probably more than what anti-Semitic trolls contribute…”

    And how much would that be?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    So far I have not heard from Bershire on that one.   Uncle Warren seems very stingy on that front.

  6. billphoto

    So all the huge liberal run companies are conspicuously missing and the second comment is what is a single DQ in Kewaskum doing? Very interesting.

  7. Paul

    We got a troll, Bill

  8. Pat

    “We got a troll, Bill”
    And his name is Paul!

  9. Pat

    Bill, does it matter if it’s a big business, or a small business? This tax reform helps all size businesses. Trump and the Republican Congress made the promise that wages will increase because of it, which should impact all businesses.

  10. Paul

    The troll was in the second comment.

  11. dad29

    I can show you a $400++million local outfit run by “conservatives” who have not announced any compensation adjustments for their staff–and they are an LLC, so no question, they will benefit from the tax reduction.


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