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0930, 23 Dec 17

Bleating Protests from a Disgraced Senator

Only someone with a special kind of ego would think to give us a moralizing sermon as he resigns in disgrace. Read the room, Al.

Outgoing Sen. Al Franken used his final speech as a U.S. senator to thank family, staff and Democratic colleagues — and to excoriate President Trump.

Over the course of a 40-minute speech on the Senate floor on Thursday, the Minnesota Democrat, who is stepping down next month following allegations of inappropriate touching made by multiple women, tore into Trump and Republicans over their “attacks” on voting rights, LGBT rights, science, health care and — most recently — the middle class.


0930, 23 December 2017


  1. Charlie Hillman

    Careful what you wish for. The Dems have too quickly acted on relatively minor “harassment” without due process. And the GOP, despite once being the party valuing  “character”, have embraced their perverts.

    Remember all those lefty snowflakes? Read the room. Winter is coming.


  2. Paul

    Sounds like a threat, Chuck.

    Let me go find that number for the Secret Service.

  3. Charlie Hillman

    Good one Pauline.

  4. billphoto

    Aside from the obvious comedic value of Franken’s sermonizing, trial by social media, publicity or whatever is now the mode du jour.  Not to say many if not most of the accusers are to be believed but after the outing of women’s rights attorney Lisa Bloom’s scheme to pay accusers of President Trump, it would seem prudent to go a little farther than accusations.

    Having lived on the left coast when I was single and being propositioned more than once by women that were interested in ‘a trade,’ I can attest to the fact all may not be as it appears … unless you have a salacious photo or two.

  5. Jason

    >The Dems have too quickly acted on relatively minor “harassment” without due process

    Maybe there’s a reason this turd is running away? Like many democrats, the writing is on the wall. Too many years of living large like their idol, Billy Clinton, pervert extraordinaire…

  6. Paul

    If this is “relatively minor ‘harassment,'” I think some of Charlie’s customers need to be made aware.

    They probably don’t want to do business with a rape apologist.

  7. Charlie Hillman

    Seriously Paul, that is the kind of knee jerk comment that trivializes real rape.

    How about growing a pair and telling us your last name so we can check out your past.

  8. Paul

    I’m not the one that termed Al Franken’s criminal acts as “relatively minor harassment.”

    Man up and own your comments, you disgusting rape apologist.


  9. Le Roi du Nord

    And a Merry Christmas to you, little paul.  But threats don’t become you.

  10. Paul

    Get lost, sock puppet troll.

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