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1331, 19 Dec 17

City of Milwaukee Bans Contractors From Arming Themselves

Predictably reactionary.

Contractors would be banned from carrying weapons, under a resolution passed unanimously Tuesday by the Milwaukee Common Council.

Aldermen also voted unanimously to direct the city Department of Public Works to examine Milwaukee’s outsourcing of work, and compile a report on outsourced projects that could be performed by city employees instead.

There are two things going on here. First, the Aldermen are using this as an excuse to swing more work to city employees instead of contractors. It would necessitate the hiring of more city employees which means a sop to the public labor unions which means more union money flowing back to liberal Aldermen. It is a simple power move.

Second, the Aldermen are impotent to act regarding actual crime in their city, but they want to make a show for “public safety.” In reality, what they have done is paint a big target on city contractors for the crooks in the city. Sadly, I think we’ll see the severe injury or death of a city contractor before Easter.


1331, 19 December 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Insuring only the thugs have guns.   I would not contract with City of Milwaukee without basic safeguards for employee safety.

  2. jjf

    Yeah, right, and they need those Confederate flags and KKK stickers on their coolers to defend themselves.

  3. dad29

    the Aldermen are using this as an excuse to swing more work to city employees instead of contractors. It would necessitate the hiring of more city employees

    Which is why the first and most public face on this whole issue was a “youth labor” mouth who is a self-admitted Communist.  One wonders why the AFSCME is in bed with him, no?

    Might be an interesting legal case:  can a City overrule the 2nd Amendment when the City is NOT the direct employer?

    Of course, there is concealed carry….

  4. jjf

    If you were running a construction company, Dad29, would you encourage everyone to carry while working outdoors with heavy equipment?  No risk and liability to consider? No consideration for insurance?

  5. billphoto

    A friend owns a company that does asbestos removal and his employees work in Milwaukee.  All open carry; even when removing old asbestos roofing.  He has told me sometimes even this deterrent is not enough with prospective thieves daring him to shoot when confronted.  It does appear disingenuous on the part of Milwaukee Aldermen to deny equal protection for law abiding citizens and criminals.

    Irregardless of your opinion of “Confederate flags and KKK stickers,” there is that pesky free speech thing.  Yes, employers can impose some conditions but I am unaware of any in this particular case and, yes, the Aldermen could have addressed this.  Instead they chose to disarm workers.  No doubt, Greg “Ziggy” Zyszkiewicz’s family may disagree with their decision.

    As the concealed carry law does allow employers to ban firearms, it also puts the responsibility for protection of those employees with the employer.  Wouldn’t the City of Milwaukee have some liability?

  6. dad29

    “Encourage” is not the same as “allow.”  So while I would not encourage, I certainly would NOT forbid it.  As I said above, concealed is an excellent option.  (What does “heavy equipment” have to do with carrying, by the way?  Someone driving a Cat is impaired due to carrying?)

    As to the KKK sticker, free speech is fine, but if I owned the company and saw the stickers, I would STRONGLY discourage it.

    But none of that made any real difference here.  The objective was to hire more City (UNION) labor.  The little Commie mouth would have found another excuse, whether now or in a few months.  All of this was AFSCME driven.

  7. jjf

    No, I’m asking for your opinion based on your experience in business.  Do you think a business is exposed to any liability or risk if their employees are carrying while working on job sites?

    I only mention “heavy equipment” as an example of what these contractors might be doing. I dunno, digging, jackhammering, laying pipe, working concrete?

    And seriously…  if an employee of yours was in public and/or meeting with clients and they were displaying KKK material, you’d only “strongly discourage” it.  What’s an example of something you’d simply say “no” to?

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    There is a difference betwen not letting someone conceal carry, a constitutional right, in a dangerous area vs. telling them to not be stupid on the job.

  9. dad29

    My experience in business was as a solo (self-employed) services contractor.

    FWIW, I expect that if American Sewer had a significant increase in its liability insurance rates due to its employees carrying weapons, he’d find a way to seriously discourage it.

    But I would have a moral problem telling my employees (were there any) that they are NOT allowed to have a means of self-defense in an area as nasty as 16th and Clarke.  Ever talk to any Milwaukee cops?

    Kevin’s right:  being stupid on the job with stupidstickers…well…the guy was fired.  And by the way he’s a City of Milwaukee resident.

  10. jjf

    Within Wisconsin’s recent laws regarding concealed carry, (one source said):

    a person who does not prohibit individuals from carrying concealed weapons on property the person owns or occupies is “immune from any liability arising from” such decision. Employers that do not prohibit employees from carrying concealed weapons are also afforded immunity “from any liability arising from” such decision.

    The law and precedent is not yet clear on employees working off-site.



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