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1322, 20 Nov 17

Fired Ex-Employee Still Bitter

This book ought to be a hoot.

A former Wisconsin prisons secretary said Friday that he’s writing a tell-all book about how the investigation into abuse at the state’s youth prison was botched and how difficult life was inside Gov. Scott Walker’s Cabinet.

Ed Wall said he’s written five chapters of the book so far and is planning 25 more chapters. He hasn’t hired an agent yet and doesn’t have a publication date, but he said the book will focus on how politicians don’t care about anything but themselves.

“It’s going to give people insight into what life is really like inside the Walker cabinet,” Wall said in a telephone interview. “I learned I don’t like working with politicians. They’re far too focused on themselves rather than the people they’re supposed to serve.”

Walker appointed Wall as Department of Corrections secretary, a cabinet position, in 2012. Word broke in late 2015 that the DOJ had been investigating allegations of widespread guard-on-prisoner abuse at the youth prison outside Irma. Wall ultimately resigned in February 2016 as news broke that the FBI had taken over the investigation.

State law permitted Wall to return to his previous job as administrator of the DOJ’s Division of Criminal Investigation. Justice officials gave him the job back, but quickly demoted him and placed him on leave.

Attorney General Brad Schimel fired him in April 2016 after he sent a letter to the home of Walker’s chief-of-staff, Rich Zipperer, asking for help in getting his old administrator’s job back. He noted in the letter the administration’s concerns about creating public records and told Zipperer to feel free to shred it. Schimel said he couldn’t trust an employee who encourages others in state government to break the law.

Wall has since landed a job with a New Hampshire cybersecurity firm, but is still bitter about not getting his DCI job back.


1322, 20 November 2017


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