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1958, 13 Nov 17

Engineering Wisconsin’s Roads for Autonomous Vehicles

Foxconn is pushing Wisconsin to the forefront of technology and innovation.

Spurred by Foxconn Technology Group and its plans for a mega-factory in Racine County, state highway planners are studying the possibility of including special lanes for driverless vehicles on I-94.

Should that come to pass — and at this point it is only something being contemplated — it would put Wisconsin in the vanguard of what many believe will be a key part of transportation in the future.

Driverless cars have been developed and are being tested, but there are no highway lanes dedicated to so-called autonomous vehicles, a spokesman with the U.S. Department of Transportation said.


One possibility, Sheehy said, would be driverless lanes between the Foxconn plant and Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport as a way to move supplies and products to and from the factory.

He said the fact that Foxconn executives brought up the use of autonomous vehicles indicated the vision the company is bringing to the project.

“We’re thinking about two years down the road; they’re thinking 20 years down the road,” Sheehy said.


1958, 13 November 2017


  1. dad29

    Oh?  If ‘driverless vehicles’ are what they are claimed to be:  fully independent decision-capable rolling stock, how come an additional lane?

    Or are we just talking sorta-kinda-maybe “driverless”:  mules that follow a buried-cable “track”?

  2. MjM

    …how come an additional lane?

    Good point.

    My, yes;  lets spend a few (hundred?) billion so that a few top FC execs can scoot to the airport.

    Better Idea:  Jump on the Hiawatha at Hy20 in Sturtevant (you, know, a mile or two from where the facility is being built), get off at the airport 15 mins later.

    As far as “products and supplies”,  same thing:  it’s all of 1/2hr drive for a  semi.  Building “driverless” lanes is ridiculous and insane.

    And I still wanna know:  Will Wisconsin tax payers be on the hook for employment tax subsidies for incomes going to IL residents?  And if so, why?

  3. jjf

    Dad29, they want their own road to the airport. They want someone else to pay for it. They don’t even want any other traffic on that lane. What part of the process of endless hand-outs do you not understand?

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