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1040, 14 Oct 17

“We shouldn’t let any small dollar amount go un-scrutinized,”

I want more of this mindset in Madison (and Washington, for that matter).

That’s hardly a blip in the state’s $76 billion budget. But Allen, among a group of conservative lawmakers who are particularly focused on DOT spending, said no sum is too meager to consider.

“We shouldn’t let any small dollar amount go un-scrutinized,” Allen said.

Here’s what he’s talking about it.

State law says the department shall give 500 highway maps — the folded paper kind — to the office of all 132 state lawmakers each time they’re published. Another 300 must be given to the Legislature’s nonpartisan reference bureau. Each lawmaker also must get 50 copies of large laminated wall maps of the state highway system.

Allen has asked fellow lawmakers to sign on to a prospective bill to end those requirements.

We need more lawmakers to look around government and say, “well, that’s stupid and wasteful… let’s do something about it.”


1040, 14 October 2017


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