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0650, 09 Oct 17

Trump Links Border Wall to DACA


The White House has tied any new deal on young undocumented immigrants to a clampdown on illegal immigration, including a border wall with Mexico.

US President Donald Trump is asking for funding for the wall, speedier deportations and the hiring of thousands of new immigration officials.

Last month he ended the Obama-era “Dreamer” programme which had protected some 690,000 immigrants.

Leading Democrats in Congress have rejected the latest proposals.

They accused Mr Trump of backtracking on a commitment not to include the border wall in negotiations over the status of young immigrants, who are mostly from Mexico and other Latin American countries.


0650, 09 October 2017


  1. Pat

    But isn’t Mexico paying for it??

  2. Le Roi du Nord


    If a wall is ever built you and I will be paying for it.  Hopefully all the trump supporters as well. But they probably will have an exemption in the new tax bill……

  3. billphoto

    President Trump has played a terrific gambit.  Kick the immigration problem back to our do-nothng Congress and agree to give them what they want in exchange for what Congress promised to do 53 years ago.  Close the border and enforce existing laws.

  4. Pat

    Bill if you want a wall built that you are expecting tax payers to pay for, you’re more than welcome to start up a go fund me page and kick it off with a big donation. But don’t expect tax payers to pay for it after Trump promised everyone that Mexico would pay for it.

  5. billphoto

    Dependent on which study available, the costs to taxpayers for illegal immigrants is $55B to $125B annually.  $115B appears to be the consensus.  One article estimates the cost to deport all illegals at $125B but their collective lifetime cost to taxpayers is over $750B.  Securing our border is estimated to cost $67B.  Estimates, like statistics, are never perfect and subject to manipulation but study after study supports the conclusion illegals cost more than they contribute.

    Taxpayer support for those illegals already here and those that will come in the future is staggering.  Although the wall will only reduce the number of illegals, cost savings are still significant.  Controlling the border, by any measure, appears to be a good solution.  Money aside, national security will benefit.

    Some posters suggest segregating taxpayers where some would pay for the wall and some would only pay for the illegals.  This is an idea I fully support.  As California is a leader as a sanctuary state and haven for illegals, it would seem a practical idea that those that want to pay for illegals join them so they could fully enjoy the communities and people they support.  Say habla espanol??

  6. Pat

    Can you attach some links for those studies please. I’d be interested in reading them.

  7. Pat

    Never mind Bill, I was able to find information.

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