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2335, 25 Sep 17

Vinehout Announces Run for Governor

The field is getting very crowded.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democratic state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, a farmer from western Wisconsin who has spent the last decade in the Legislature, launched her run for governor Monday, saying she wants to expand health care coverage, fix the school aid formula and make tuition free at all of the state’s technical and two-year colleges.

Vinehout, who ran unsuccessfully for governor in the 2012 recall and briefly in 2014, released a campaign video and planned to address supporters Monday night in Black River Falls.

“I am running for governor to put people first at the center of state policy and the top priority when it comes to spending the state’s dollars,” she said in her remarks as prepared for delivery. “My vision for tomorrow is very different from where the state is today.”

Vinehout becomes the seventh announced Democratic candidate hoping to take on Republican Gov. Scott Walker next year. There are about 10 other Democrats who have said they are considering getting into the race. The primary is just under 11 months away on Aug. 14.


2335, 25 September 2017


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