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1808, 13 Sep 17

Vos Makes Empty Threat


“We’re not going to be held hostage to individuals who have some kind of a wish list,” Vos said.

The state Assembly began debating the budget shortly after noon Wednesday. A vote is expected by the late-night hours.

Senate Republicans, who have yet to take up the budget, are expected to meet Wednesday to discuss it. Fitzgerald said Tuesday that he hopes the meeting will produce agreement among his members on changes to the budget that can be sent to the Assembly, in the form of an amendment, before it votes on it. That would prevent the Assembly from having to approve the budget a second time after a Senate vote, which has not yet been scheduled.

Vos laid down the gauntlet at Wednesday’s press conference, saying he won’t revisit the budget after Wednesday.

“Once we vote for the budget today, we are done with the budget process,” Vos said.

Ummm… if the Senate votes for a different version of the budget, it goes to conference and then both houses have to vote on it again. It’s not really up to Vos unless he is saying that the Assembly is willing to not ever pass a budget.



1808, 13 September 2017


  1. dad29

    Vos has been acting like a complete jerk for the last 6 months or so.  Another divorce?  More alimony demanded??  Popcorn crop-failure??

    Mysteries abound.

  2. Rep Bob Gannon

    Vos is acting like a bully. He announced on the floor after 12 hours of debate yesterday and just before we voted that any members of the majority party that votes against their governors budget should be ashamed. This stopped being the governor’s budget 7 months ago when he submitted it to the legislature. Then it became our responsibility to snip, cut, massage and build a final budget blueprint that was acceptable. Curious, I don’t remember the public haranguing of more moderate members that voted no 2 years ago on the budget because the spending wasn’t high enough. One can only wonder why the different treatment was dished out…


  3. jjf

    Vos a bully? You don’t say! When did you first realize this?

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