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1418, 23 Aug 17

Tony Evers Announces for Governor

His platform is to increase taxes and dump more money into schools.

He said he chose to seek a higher office, in part, because of “inadequate resources” from the state to schools and higher education institutions, which he said has a negative impact on the state’s workforce.

“We need to rebuild our middle class — clearly it’s in significant disarray and people frankly just aren’t paid enough to support a family,” Evers said.

Can we dispense with the fiction that DPI Superintendent is a non-partisan office?


1418, 23 August 2017


  1. billphoto

    Evers, the champion of public education, will have to tear himself away from all his great work to campaign against Walker.  Best thing to happen to public education in Wisconsin in a long time.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Here’s my Evers campaign motto:

    “Vote for me, I’ll return WI to liberal despair and crushing deficits we had under Doyle.”

  3. Le Roi du Nord


    Just remember, those crushing deficits were inherited from Thompson/McCallum.  You can look it up.

  4. Paul

    Nobody cares, Nazi.

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