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1958, 14 Aug 17

Trump Condemns Racists


US President Donald Trump has spoken out against racist violence after the killing of a protester in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday.

“Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs,” he told reporters.

He said the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and white supremacists were “repugnant” to everything Americans held dear.


1958, 14 August 2017


  1. 3rd Way

    Kudos to Texas A&M for denying racists a venue to put on their despicable spectacle next month.

  2. Owen


  3. Jason

    >Kudos to Texas A&M for denying racists a venue to put on their despicable spectacle next month.


    If only more venues and government bodies would follow this lead, we’d have fewer racist rallies, like White Nationalists, or BLM.

  4. Pat


    Is there a moral equivalency between the the two? And if there is, what is it?

  5. Paul

    Blow it out your fat ass, Pat.

  6. Pat


    Maybe you would like to answer my question?

  7. Paul

    Seven dead cops because of BLM.

    Seriously.  Go fuck yourself.

  8. Pat

    168 dead by a white supremacist in Oklahoma, and 35 other attacks, by white supremacists, since 1995 resulting in 74 deaths.

  9. Paul

    What are you still doing here?  Didn’t I tell you to go fuck yourself?

  10. Pat

    I’m still asking if there’s a moral equivalency between the the two? And if there is, what is it?

  11. Paul

    What are you still doing here?

  12. Pat

    Asking questions. What are you doing here?

  13. Paul

    You were told to go do two things. Clearly you have not.

  14. Pat

    Is there a moral equivalency between the the two? And if there is, what is it?

  15. Paul

    If you say, “I’m going to punch X.”

    It does not matter who X is.

    You are the violent one.

    You are the problem, not X.

    Obey the speed limit today. Use your turn signals.

  16. Pat

    Are you saying there is a moral equivalency between white supremacists / nazis and everyone else?

  17. Paul

    Do they not get the right to free speech, no matter how reprehensible it is?

    Do they not get the right to free assembly, no matter how reprehensible it is?

    One side had permits to protest Saturday.  It wasn’t your buddies at Antifa and BLM.

    Who fucking died and made you arbiter of who does and does not get the right to free speech?


  18. Paul

    And a word of wisdom, today.

    Make sure you’re going under the speed limit today.  Technically, we can pull your ass over for one over.

  19. Pat

    Yes we have the right to assembly, and we have the right of free speech, but there are limits to that speech. But that doesn’t answer if there is a moral equivalency.

  20. Paul

    And you’re pretending the last 18 months of BLM/Antifa violence didn’t happen.

    So please, do go fuck yourself.

  21. Pat

    So you feel there is a moral equivalency between the two. Ok.

  22. Pat

    LA Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy compared President Trump’s comments blaming “both sides” for violence at a white supremacist rally to World War II, saying “On one hand you had the Nazis who were violent & on the other the allied soldiers were very violent. So it’s a draw. Many sides you see.”

    Mitt Romney: “No, not the same. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.”

  23. Paul

    Is that the best you can do – a failed pitcher and a failed presidential candidate?

    You really are subhuman garbage.  Fuck yourself and die soon.

  24. Pat

    “Is that the best you can do – a failed pitcher and a failed presidential candidate?”

    Versus what? You? What outstanding credentials do you bring to the conversation?

  25. Pat

    And Paul, what part of the failed Presidential candidate, and failed pitcher’s statements do you disagree with.

  26. billphoto

    President Trump this morning said there was violence on both sides.  From what I have seen, I think he is correct.  I have read multiple accounts where this conflict was allowed to run its’ course by the police and their superiors.  No, I do not support the actions of James Fields and those of his ilk but I am also against other terrorist organizations like BLM and AntiFa.

    It is unknown who started this mess but when assaulted, I believe everyone has the right of self defense no matter how repugnant their politics are.  Personally speaking, if the authorities will not protect the rights of all citizens including mine, then I will defend myself.  I opined months ago that violent groups like BLM and AntiFa use of force to intimidate others, if left unchecked, would end badly.  Sadly, Heather Heyer had to pay the price.


  27. Le Roi du Nord

    Failed baseball player?  McCarthy has pitched in over 200 ML games.  I’m sure  paul has similar creds.

    Sure HRC lost to trump, but  can paul top her being elected as a US Senator, or a run as SoS?

    What bill is missing is that the death of Heather Heyer was caused by a neo-naxi who drove his car into a crowd of folks there were walking away from him.  They were no threat to him at all.  It was intentional, and with malice.

    “Technically, we can pull your ass over for one over”.   paul: if by the “we” you are implying that you are a police officer, you just made a threat and are in big trouble.  Which department employs you (at least for today)?  And no judge in the state would convict anyone for one over.  A smart guy like you should know that..

  28. Paul

    Fuck off, white nationalist troll.

  29. Pat

    Heather Heyer was with BLM protesting peacefully, walking in the opposite direction, when a car driven by a nazi drove into the protesters killing Heather Heyer.

    He was not protecting himself against a group of terrorists. He was the terrorist. You can’t honestly be suggesting he was protecting his rights because the authorities refused to do so?

  30. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why don’t we get as worked up over Antifa terrorists killing people, illegal migrant violence (both in Germany, most of Europe and U.S)Muslim terrorists killing people, and other left wing violence?

    I agree the killing of Heather Hayes was unacceptable and we should fry the guy who did it.   However, why do left wingers get more bent out of shape about this one vs. all the horrendous left wing sponsored violence, especially against law enforcement officers?

  31. Paul

    Pat and the Nazi troll don’t care about LEOs.

  32. Pat

    If AntiFa has committed terrorist attacks resulting in deaths, you bet I’d be upset. But that’s not what this topic is. Of course it could switch to it if you’d like.

    I find it laughable that Paul is unable to back up anything he says with logic. Just tosses out childish insults, which this will result in another childish response, that I cancan tell you.

  33. Pat

    I don’t understand why there are individuals attempting to marginalize nazis. Mark Beling is correct when he says, “rationalization is the second strongest human drive.”

  34. Jason

    >Is there a moral equivalency between the the two? And if there is, what is it?

    That’s not what I’m here for and wasn’t my point.  If one can gather and protest in public, why can’t the other?  If a university or local government can say to one “You can express your right to congregate and rally here” and say no to the other, then that’s wrong – regardless of the message.

    The fact that you’re trying to quibble over “moral equivalency” after what I said tells me that I hit a nerve.  You understand the wrongness of your intolerance of one and tolerance of the other, and want to defend that by getting into a discussion of which one is a “darker” shade of evil.

  35. Pat

    Nope, you would never be able to strike a nerve with me.

  36. Paul

    Antifa is responsible for deaths

    BLM is responsible for deaths

    The only time there’s an intelligent bone in Pat’s body is when I’m banging him up the ass.

  37. Pat

    I believe everyone has the right to assemble and protest. With that said, my father, uncles, and father’s cousins fought nazis in WWII. Equating nazis with BLM is ridiculous.

  38. Paul

    Nobody cares what your goldbricking relatives did.

  39. Kevin Scheunemann


    Equating BLM with Nazis is ridiculous?

    Both groups advocate letting thugs roam free to terrorize the populice and oppose efforts of good people to curb the social thugs.

  40. Pat


    “rationalization is the second strongest human drive.”

  41. Kevin Scheunemann


    Of course… it is a very rational thought…liberals defending its own thuggery.   Thank you.

  42. Pat

    Yah, that’s exactly what it means ;-)

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