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0715, 31 Jul 17

Tyranny Wins (as expected) in Venezuela

It doesn’t matter what the turnout in a sham election was.

Electoral officials in Venezuela say turnout in the controversial election for a constituent assembly was 41.5%, a figure disputed by the opposition.

The opposition coalition said 88% of voters abstained and it refused to recognise the election. It also called for more protests on Monday.

Sunday’s election was marred by violence, with widespread protests and at least 10 people killed.

President Nicolás Maduro hailed the poll as a “vote for the revolution”.


0715, 31 July 2017

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    “Vote for the revolution”….that is hilarious!

    Typical socialist denial.

    The world burns around you from your policy of destruction and you ignore it.

    Yet another reason why socialism is evil.

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