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1151, 30 Jun 17

Conservative Wisconsin Senators Oppose Tax Increase

Glad to see my senator on this press release.

As the budget debate lingers, it remains clear that some in the legislature are seeking to increase WisDOT taxes in any way possible. The recent audit of WisDOT shows there are many reasons the agency has been inefficient and does not deserve new revenues. We should be looking for savings in government.

The “tax of the week” is a new tax on trucking. Instead of getting creative to find new ways to tax Wisconsinites, we should be discussing the reforms needed to clean up an agency with a record of over-designing, over-building, and over-paying for our roads. If the state were to add a new tax, Wisconsin’s tax rankings will go in the wrong direction.

Throughout the budget process, we have been discussing the elimination of taxes like the state forestry mill tax and the personal property tax on Main Street. Now is not the time to increase taxes on our citizens.


1151, 30 June 2017

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I had my doubts Duey would be as good of a conservative as Grothman.    I knew he was a good conservative, but Grothman was the “Platinum standard”.  He is definitely right up there with “Grothman Platinum standard for conservatives” in my eyes.

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