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0723, 18 May 17

Republican Agenda Slipping Away

It appears that the Republicans in Washington have no capacity to lead and pass their rhetorical agenda.

Despite the flurry of activity, the prospects of quick action on taxes are dim because Congress has so many other things to deal with. Mr. Trump is expected to release a budget next week. That will set off a new debate about cuts to domestic programs and increases in military and border security spending for 2018. Congress faces an October deadline to pass a funding bill for next year. Otherwise, parts of the government will shut down.

Republicans in Congress must separately approve a budget resolution this summer if they want to use the reconciliation process to pass a tax overhaul with a simple majority in the Senate. That will determine the scope of the tax legislation that Republicans can pursue if they choose to exclude Democrats from the process. Health care legislation that is being put together in the Senate could lead to additional delays.

And to top things off, Republicans and Democrats must reach a deal this fall over raising the debt ceiling.

“I’m not optimistic that we can have actual legislation on the president’s desk in calendar year 2017,” said G. William Hoagland, vice president of the Bipartisan Policy Center and a former director of the Senate Budget Committee. “There are a lot of other things on their plate, and they don’t have that many days left.”

2018 is shaping up as a Democratic sweep. Who will turn out to support a party that can’t get anything done even when they own Congress and the Presidency?


0723, 18 May 2017


  1. billphoto

    It is a sad day for our Republic when our Country is being run by a bunch of sniveling, two-faced liars that feel no compunction to actually live up to the tenets of journalism.  Sensationalized headlines distorting the truth with little basis in fact exposes the true agenda of the ‘haters.’

    Ask Shakeel Afridi, now serving 33 years in a Pakistani prison for treason in help the US find bin-Laden after Obama revealed his identity.  Or the NYT exposing Obama’s Studex computer virus used to cripple the Iran nuclear program or the Washington Post exposing the secret US drone base in Saudi Arabia.  Even Obama’s meddling in the Israeli elections is off limits  but let any information sourced from “the next door neighbor of a guy who knows a guy who heard Comey keep meeting notes” and it is time for pitch forks and torches with calls to impeach the President Trump.

    The real story here is the leakers and why the MSM is not helping to put these treasonist behind bars.

  2. Pat

    Someone has been watching a lot of Fox News. At some point in time you have to stop screaming squirrel and come to the realization that what’s going on with the presidency is self inflicted, and those who voted for him are accountable. It’s far more important to vote for the person versus the party.

  3. billphoto

    Someone cannot see the bias of the MSM.

  4. billphoto

    BTW-I don’t have cable and do not see Fox News just the liars on CBS, NBC and CBS.

  5. Pat

    What exactly is the MSM? What boundaries define what is and what it isn’t?

  6. Paul

    There’s no way the Democrats take the Senate.  Eight of 33 seats are GOP, and all but one are in solid red states.

  7. billphoto

    Technically, I think Paul is right about Republicans being re-elected but examining what is in Congress, there are a lot of Obama-Republicans.  I think the root of the problem here is Trump has lost the narrative to the swamp dwellers.

    Saw a post the other day that pretty much summed it up.  President Trump told CBS News he ate bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning.  CBS reported, according to their unnamed sources inside the White House, Trump had ham and eggs.  Congressional Democrats have called for a special prosecutor to be appointed and if it is discovered he lied about his breakfast meat, they will begin impeachment proceedings.

  8. Pat

    Again I’ll state, Trump voters have to stop screaming squirrel and come to the realization that what’s going on with the presidency is self inflicted, and those who voted for him are accountable.

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