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2100, 07 May 17

“Islam Was Invincible as Long as it Believed in Itself”

Here’s an interesting comparison that Karl Liebknecht wrote to Eduard Bernstein at the dawn of the 20th century:

Islam was invincible as long as it believed in itself… But the moment it began to compromise… it ceased to be a conquering force… Socialism can neither conquer nor save the world if it ceases to believe in itself.

Bernstein was an advocate of evolutionary socialism and believed that capitalism could evolve into socialism without the need of violent revolution. Liebknecht disagreed.


2100, 07 May 2017


  1. dad29

    Liebknecht may be right, but one suspects that the battle of Vienna was not prosecuted by Muslims who were ‘unsure of themselves.’  For that matter, neither was Lepanto.

    One can grant this thesis:  “Islam lost when its adherents stopped practicing the religion.”  That, by the way, goes for any religion.

    Liebknecht seems to be writing from a secular point of view, which is the same one held by GWBush and his coterie.  It’s wrong, but symptomatic of the ‘disease of the Establishment.’

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Islam and socialism are both ideologies of evil responsible for mass murder on a large scale.

    It’s disgusting, in a serial killer type of way, to make such a statement. It really says, socialism is justified to commit more mass murder, as if Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Chairman Mao, the Cambodian killing field of Pol Pot, Ho Chi, the carnage in Venzuela, Mugabe, and Lennin were not wnough mass murder to realize destructive socialist ideologies in those countries were utter failure to humanity!

    I usually don’t name call but he may be the biggest immoral slug on the planet with that statement.

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