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0735, 25 Apr 17

New School Board Members Sworn In

So the School Board President has one year of experience. Great.

Tiffany Larson was selected as the new president of the West Bend School District Board of Education after board members Nancy Justman, Joel Ongert and Tonnie Schmidt took their oaths of office.

The meeting was called to order by Board Treasurer Monte Schmiege, as prior to the meeting he was the only remaining officer on the board. He also requested a raised-hand vote for the new president.

The group of six ultimately voted privately between Schmiege and Larson.


0735, 25 April 2017


  1. ChrisJenkinsWB

    What I thought would come true, did… I’m surprised they let Monte stay on as Treasurer at least. I feel like the Board is like the supreme court – different political wings and a sweeping majority will now have control over everything now. We’ll see how that final seat gets filled…

  2. WBNewbie

    Chris your entire premise is based on assumptions. You have automatically decided that since the three new board members support listening to all parties involved in educating our children which includes teachers by the way, that they have failed your arbitrary conservative litmus test. Can you with a straight face say that Tonnie Schmidt is not a conservative? These shouldn’t be partisan boards but if they were partisanly conservative that would be fine? Where was the hand wringing and bemoaning the lack of experience when the City Council elected an inexperienced majority? I can twist facts as well. You can point out all they have fiscally achieved over the past six years I will point out they knowingly hired an unqualified liar who turned out to be a pedophile to the position of City Adminsitrator. The point is this hyper partisanship and hyperbole from both sides does no one any good. You got the benefit of the doubt when you were elected why don’t these people deserve the same chance???

  3. ChrisJenkinsWB

    I’m not necessarily saying they on the school board are now partisan… I am just saying that they seem to have formed a voting block of like-minded people reminiscent of a supreme court divide. Why else would the 3 that won have ran together? I throw in Tiffany since Tonnie was Tiffany’s treasurer when she had ran.

    I do hope we see the Board (as a whole) working together on the pressing issues of the District.

    To your other points, I did not criticize their lack of experience that you mention nor their hiring judgement, so I’m not sure why you brought those points up in regards to the current School Board.

    But thanks for adding to the discussion.

  4. independentthinker2017

    Good for you Chris, your prediction is true! People who won seats actually accepted them! Should they have declined what the voters asked for? Voters wanted sweeping change. There is no political bent to any of this which must be so scary and confusing for you and your four loyal friends at common sense! Jesus take the wheel!!! Ken Schmidt has brought zero value to the board and has quite possibly broken a school board record for saying and doing even less than Ryan Gieryn.

    I’m sure you believe that your 27 years of lifetime  experience, UWWC degree, spartan work history as a bank teller and Mormon values make you much more qualified for your public office than those elected to school board.

    It’s almost as impressive as Owen’s readership and political science degree. Wait…I don’t think he has either one of those things either….Ooops!

    Time for you to recognize that the WB you sought to exert control over has resumed normal programming. Conservatives like public schools. The horror!  You’re just extremists wishing you could spread more hate. I’ll pray for you in the Catholic way, hope that’s not too liberal for you!

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