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0707, 18 Apr 17

Washington County Board Considers Moving Back to Old Courthouse

I look forward to seeing the results of the study.

Members of the Executive Committee convened a meeting Monday, but instead of gathering at the Washington County Government Center, they chose to assemble at the former Washington County Courthouse as an experiment for organizing future board meetings at the site.

Committee supervisors provided their blessing to evaluate the feasibility of moving the board’s meeting location because the venue does not provide adequate access for the public, especially for those with disabilities since the room does not conform to the American with Disabilities Act.

“It was brought up because of the ADA issues really in the current board room,” Clerk Ashley Reichert said.

It would be cool for the board to meet in such a historic building, but I’m not keen on paying more taxes for “cool.” I do think it is a bit funny that the Washington County Government Center, built a couple of decades ago, is not ADA compliant but the building built in 1889 is.


0707, 18 April 2017

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  1. billphoto


    You may have this backwards.  To the best of my knowledge, the current meeting room in the basement of the Government Center is ADA compliant.  I have only been in the Old Courthouse a couple of times and it did not appear to be ADA compliant or large enough for public participation  at meetings but it is beautiful.

    The Hysterial Historical Society has made some improvements but I am drawing a blank on what they were.

    My sources tell me what brought this up is Ozaukee County.  They have a gorgeous old building for Board meetings that has been refurbished with some current technology.  Giant egos being what they are, Washington County can’t be one-upped by Ozaukee County.

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