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0740, 17 Mar 17

The Democrats’ Empty Bench

I read this story by Paul Funlund is entitled “A Path to Defeating Scott Walker” with the anticipation that there was a plan afoot to actually do it. What it really is is a story about two lefties sitting around day dreaming about the kind f candidate who might be able to defeat Walker. In the end, the root of the story is right here:

Granted, this person will be hard to find, and neither Pocan nor anyone else I know has a specific name.

That’s exactly the Democrats’ problem right now. Nobody knows who this Unicorn Democrat is.
That is not to say that Walker or the Republicans can get cocky or complacent. They still must govern well to ear reelection. When Americans get frustrated with their government, they have shown a penchant to elect anyone, qualified or not, just to make a change.

0740, 17 March 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    They always have Gwen Moore….


  2. Jason

    And Meryl Streep

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