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2127, 10 Mar 17

Delevan-Darien School District Tells Kids How to Avoid Law Enforcement

That’s a heckuva value lesson for kids.

It was a clear and pointed message to the Delavan-Darien School community: If immigration agents knock, don’t open the door, don’t sign or say anything and fight back.

It caught a lot of parents by surprise.

“I was surprised to receive that and have the school district giving advice on how to deal with a non-academic situation,” parent Sara Deschner said.

But school leaders said it had to be done.


2127, 10 March 2017

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I want to ask this “school leader” if he will put out the same kind of passionate legal advice letter for kids praying in school, displaying their Christianity openly, and students choosing to do their school writing projects about Jesus as an exercise of their LEGAL first amendment rights.

    Bet I get crickets from this public school lefty on that legal advice.

    A lefty that will advise on doing illegal acts, but not legal acts guaranteed by the constitution….typical.


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