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0704, 06 Mar 17

Tesla Roof to be Cheaper than Normal Roof

Awesome. I’d buy one.

Elon Musk made quite the announcement today. During the special shareholders meeting to approve the merger with SolarCity, which they approved by 85%, he said that he was coming back from a meeting with the SolarCity engineering team about the solar roof and that he now feels confident that they could deliver the product at a lower cost than a regular roof – even before energy production.

That’s different from what the company was claiming before the meeting today.

And it’s an incredibly bold claim since if it turns out to be true, no homeowner would have any reason not to choose a solar roof when buying a new roof.


0704, 06 March 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I don’t believe it.

    It this is actually true, utility stocks should be taking a 10-20% haircut.

  2. jsr

    Darn!  I just got a new roof two years ago.

    But I won’t believe that the solar roof will be cheaper until I can see price quotes.

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