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0915, 04 Mar 17

UW TAs Fight Back Against Real Life

Too cute. They want to spend their lives in the bosom of academia where they can be shielded from market forces or disparate outcomes based on demand and performance.

A controversial pay plan for graduate students who assist faculty at University of Wisconsin-Madison will be introduced as planned, despite continuing opposition from the student workers’ labor union.

The pay plan increases base pay for teaching assistants, research assistants and program assistants by 3.5 percent, but also lets colleges and schools set higher minimum pay instead of paying assistants in all fields from the same pay scale, as in the past.

The changes are scheduled to go into effect on July 1, according to a Jan. 24 memo from Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf and William Karpus, dean of the Graduate School and Laurent Heller, vice chancellor for finance and administration.

The new pay structure opens the door to growing disparity between pay to graduate students studying and working in high demand fields and those in other fields, said members of the Teaching Assistants’ Association.


0915, 04 March 2017


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