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0910, 22 Dec 16

More Activity With West Bend’s Downtown Theater

There’s nothing like a deadline to get people moving. The groups interested in renovating the theater apparently sat on their duffs for the entire year that the City gave them and now there’s a flurry of activity. The Washington County Insider has this:

On Tuesday a private tour was held with a potential investor. “I’m very interested in this project,” said Tim Schmidt, CEO of Delta Defense in West Bend.

Schmidt is in the process of building a new headquarters in West Bend. His company provides sales, marketing and IT administrative services to the United States Concealed Carry Association and publishes Concealed Carry Magazine. In 2016 Delta Defense was No. 1971 in Inc. 5000 rankings.

I’m just going to point out that an old movie theater is perfectly configured for an indoor pistol range. Just sayin’…

And this:

On Monday, broadcast live the unveiling of plans to retain the facade and marquee of the building and the raze the remainder.

David Stroik with Zimmerman Architectural Studios presented details on an open-air park that would be terraced to the riverwalk to the east.

A new graphic (see right) released by Stroik shows a view to the west. The blue and red canopy on top and on the wall a historic reminder of the theatre’s past.


New designs for those looking to restore the theatre include a proposed hydraulic floor and cutting a large window into the wall behind the stage for additional natural light should the theatre be turned into a hall for receptions.

Plans have honed in on an entertainment-and-education complex with a goal of not only restoring the theatre’s historical significance, but breathing new life and purpose into it.

Call me jaded, but we’ve seen plans and artist renditions for 10 years as the theater has sat empty. I’ll get worked up when someone actually puts some money into it.


0910, 22 December 2016


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