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0830, 31 Oct 16

Warrant Issued For New Clinton Emails

Given the timing, we likely won’t know any real details until after the election. But there is a real chance that our president¬†will have to illegally quash this investigation or issue an outright pardon to avoid indictment.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal investigators have secured a warrant to examine newly discovered emails related to Hillary Clinton’s private server, U.S. media reported on Sunday, as a prominent Democrat accused FBI Director James Comey of breaking the law by trying to influence the election.

The warrant will allow the Federal Bureau of Investigation to examine the emails to see if they are relevant to its probe of the private email server used for government work by Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, while she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

FBI officials were unavailable for comment on the status of their investigation. Reuters could not independently confirm that the search warrant had been issued.


0830, 31 October 2016


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