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0826, 10 Oct 16

Now That We’ve Slept on It…

Kevin Binverse has his take on the winners and losers of the 2nd presidential debate. He sums up:

While many pundits have called last night a “win” for Trump, but reality is it was a “draw” at best for his campaign. With the lewd comments from Friday’s video still the dominate topic – and Trump doing little to nothing to defuse them during the debate – his very candidacy continues to be a cancer inside the conservative movement. One which would be best cast off before it means electoral ruin on Election Day.

At this point, I don’t think the GOP can replace Trump. Sure, he can step down anytime he wants, but then what? The ballots are set and many states have already started early voting. And every day that passes, it becomes less and less doable.

The GOP is stuck with Trump because they voted for him to be their candidate. Let’s stop fretting over that bad decision and figure out what happens next.


0826, 10 October 2016


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