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1232, 10 Apr 16

Wisconsin’s Conservative Operation

Sounds about right.

Cruz and Bradley benefited from a Republican and conservative political infrastructure that is remarkably battle-tested, said Matt Batzel, the Wisconsin-based director of American Majority, a national group that trains conservative candidates and activists.

Recall elections after the passage of the Act 10 collective bargaining law and the sharply contested 2014 election have molded what Fraley described as “a turn-key operation” of Republicans and conservatives ready to campaign.
“In Wisconsin, your average activist has had to step up to the plate time and time again,” Batzel said.


1232, 10 April 2016


  1. Mark Maley

    Agreed , especially in non presidential election years .

    Ro Jo will be a test for the machine
    Even if Cruz wins the nomination

  2. John Foust

    Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line.

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