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1326, 18 Jun 15

House Passes Fast Track Trade Authority for President

Ugh… right after I praise my own congressman, Jim Sensenbrenner, for voting against this last week, he flips and joins all of the other Wisconsin Republicans in the House in voting for it. They are all wrong. Supporting free trade does not mean that this deal, or this president, furthers that agenda or deserves support.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers narrowly approved legislation key to securing a hallmark Pacific trade deal on Thursday, partly reversing a defeat less than a week before, in a boost to President Barack Obama’s goal of strengthening U.S. economic ties with Asia.

The House of Representatives voted 218 to 208 to give the White House authority to close trade deals such as the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which encompasses 40 percent of the global economy and is close to completion.

But the bill, a stripped-down version of legislation which failed at a vote last week, must now go back to the Senate for approval, where a vote is likely next week.


1326, 18 June 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I support Obama and Jim Sensenbrenner on this one.

    Its a tough issue, but my tell is: if the anti-globalism lefties are against it (I, generally, support near ZERO of what they stand for), it was worth it for me to re-look at it and I like the legislation looking at it the second time aroound as well.

    Its not perfect legislation/trade deal by any means, but I think it’s progress.

  2. Pat

    Kevin, you support trade deals that are kept secret from the American public? I know none of the people who voted for this read the trade agreement.
    I do not support this for all the reasons I’ve previously mentioned. I would still like answers to the questions I raised.

  3. dad29

    Pat, I’ll give you the answer to all your questions: the Pubbies were purchased by the Chamber of Commerce, just as MMAC has purchased all the votes for the Bucks Arena deal.

    Hope that helps.

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