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0905, 13 Jun 15


Dallas Police Attacked

This is nuts.

According to Brown, the shootout began at around 12:30 a.m., when the suspect or suspects parked in front of the department’s headquarters south of downtown and began firing. At least one assailant later drove off in a dark-colored van, which witnesses described as armored, but not before ramming a police cruiser. The moment was caught on cellphone video shot from a nearby balcony in which several shots can be heard.

Officers trailed the van to a Jack in the Box parking lot in Hutchins, a Dallas suburb, where a SWAT team had it surrounded, Brown said. They had been speaking to a man inside who identified himself as James Boulware and who said he blames police for losing custody of his son and “accusing him of being a terrorist.”

The gunman also said he had explosives in the van, which appeared to be outfitted with gun ports in the sides.


0905, 13 June 2015



  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    If this suspect was black, I’m certain liberals will, again, say the police overreacted and suggest the police try using hand holding and hugs with the suspect first…

    However, in the liberal lexicon, if the suspect was white, then he’s an evil white oppresser, and deserved what he got.

    So if we could find out the race of this suspect, we can predict the racist liberal reaction to the police action on this one.

    Fortunately, my reaction to this is not dependant on the skin color of the suspect.

  2. anon

    In your view you blame liberals either way. That’s a nice narrow worldview. You don’t think access to rabid right wing materials had anything to do with this?

    But then again I have to have facts for my comment while yours can be fact free.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Here is a fact:

    This guy’s criminal behavior yielded the approriate reaction by the Dallas police and I’m good with the consequence to the criminal.

    It does not matter what race the criminal was. It does not matter the criminal’s political leanings either.

  4. scott

    Who’s interested in talking about his race in the first place? I’m more interested in why he was able to own guns at all? This guy didn’t fall off the sanity wagon yesterday. He had a history of violence and threats.

  5. Jadedly Unbiased

    He’s white and his father in a CNN interview blamed liberals. Damn liberals causing people to become mentally ill and attack police. Ignorance seems to be contagious and has spread from Kewauskum to Texas. It’s epidemic.

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