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0734, 01 Jun 15

$400 Million in Tax Money for Bucks Arena


Multiple sources indicated late last week that the new downtown facility would cost the public at least $400 million — including interest — under the draft plan the team, state and local officials are putting together.

That’s up from the original estimate of about $250 million, which would represent a mix of bonding, taxes, debt collections and other forms of public financing.

But that figure did not factor in interest on those items.


0734, 01 June 2015


  1. Jadedly Unbiased

    There certainly isn’t anything conservative about this. What’s happening in Madison? I’m starting to think it truly is “Mad-town”. They better check the water.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Personally, I think its something in the air in Madison as well. It drives rational conservatives to consider buying the biggest jar of snake oil ever.

  3. Mark Maley

    We play or we don’t

    The deal is at least as good as other cities have gotten

    Who knows if it reinvigorates Milwaukee ?

    We play or we don’t .

  4. dad29

    Mark, as Tonto famously remarked to the Lone Ranger: “Who’s WE, white man?”

    The stench of MMAC hangs over this deal. They’re the ones who have purchased the (R) party, as they did with Selig’s Enrichment Scheme, for which we are STILL paying, if you need a reminder.

    Let them go.

  5. Mark Maley

    I have never been to a Brewer game
    I’ve been to 2 bucks gamers in 10 years
    I’ve been to 4 packer games in 5 years , always in a box and always wishing I was home in front of my big HDscreen

    Having said that , you either are or are not a major sports city / State

    Indianapolis is a great example of how sports can transform a city

    It’s not a great deal. But as these deals go, it’s a pretty good deal

    ” as the man said ” thats close enough for government work “

  6. dad29

    So you think it is the obligation of the City to “become a major sports town?”

    Where is that written?

    Are you suggesting that Milwaukee should snatch the Packers from Green Bay?

    Build a really, really, really major-league racetrack?

    And by the way: how much of that was taxpayer-funded?

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