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2326, 06 Oct 14

Burke Campaign Asks About Sex and Race of Photographers


On Sunday, Burke’s campaign sent an email to press outlets requesting the full name, Social Security number, sex and race of any photographers seeking to be near the first lady.

Newsroom leaders with the Wisconsin State Journal questioned the relevance of the race information with Burke’s campaign, which referred questions Monday to the Secret Service. The Secret Service punted to the first lady’s press office, which said it would respond only to written questions submitted by email. By early Monday evening, it had not responded to the submitted questions.

The story says that the Secret Service asked for the information and it was a mistake. What an odd mistake. One would think that a Secret Service screen prior to a visit like this is pretty routine. It should be a form questionnaire that they use all the time, shouldn’t it? So how do these questions pop up as a mistake?

Furthermore, while folks are outraged by the question about race, what about the question about sex? How is that relevant? The name and SSN make sense to run a background check, but asking about sex and gender just seem odd.


2326, 06 October 2014


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