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Senator Taylor Cited for Disorderly Conduct

My, my… from Dan O’Donnell.

Democratic State Senator Lena Taylor was cited for disorderly conduct following an incident in a Milwaukee bank Friday afternoon in which she used racist language against an African-American teller, multiple sources told News/Talk 1130 WISN.

Taylor, who is also African-American, called the teller a “house n****r” after that teller would not cash for Taylor an $831 check for which there were insufficient funds.

Milwaukee Police officers, who were coincidentally in the Wells Fargo Bank at 735 W. Wisconsin Ave. on an unrelated call, overheard Taylor berating the teller and intervened.  A shift lieutenant arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and, after viewing the bank’s security camera footage, issued Taylor a municipal citation for disorderly conduct.

Banning the Box

Senator Lena Taylor is proposing a bill that would prohibit businesses from asking job applicants if they are a felon on job applications.

Banning the box still allow employers to conduct a background check.

However, the employers would delay asking about a felony conviction until later in the hiring process, either after the interview or a conditional offer of employment.

This is also known as “fair chance” because it gives job applicants who have rehabilitated a fair shot at earning a family-supporting job.

Generally speaking, I think businesses should be willing to hire felons if they are the most qualified for the job and if the felony conviction isn’t directly related to the job activity. The felons are out of jail and in our society. The best way to integrate them back into society is for them to have gainful employment (and somewhere to live, but that’s another subject). Being a felon shouldn’t automatically disqualify a person from holding most jobs. The exception would be jobs that involve a high degree of discretion and trust – like a police officer, judge, CFO, etc.

As Taylor is proposing it, employers would still have the discretion to disqualify felons further into the hiring process if appropriate, but would not be able to disqualify them at the start. This would help more felons at least get a shot at a job. A felon who may have otherwise been eliminated at the point of application may get the chance to impress an interviewer and be considered for the job before having to explain a felony conviction. The cost is that employers (and the applicants) would have to spend time and money processing people who may get disqualified in the end anyway.

Some work needs to be done on it, but this bill is worth considering.

On Merging WHEDA & WEDC

Gotta admit… that’s a good line.

Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, said she is concerned the turnover that has plagued WEDC suggests the agency is not stable and questioned if it was ready for a merger with WHEDA.

“It’s kind of like trying to save a bad marriage by tying to have a baby. It never works,” Taylor said.