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Trump to Move Israeli Embassy to Capital

In compliance with U.S. law… The whole point of an embassy is to be near the seat of government of the other nation. It wouldn’t make sense for the Israelis to have their embassy in St. Louis.

(CNN)President Donald Trump outlined his intentions to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in a call with President Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday according to Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh.

The Palestinians said that Abbas warned Trump in the call against the dangers of such a step and added that he would continue reaching out to world leaders to prevent it from happening. Neither the White House nor the Palestinians offered details on the timing of an embassy move, which previous administrations have delayed indefinitely.
Despite strong pushback from US allies and concerns about the safety of US military and diplomatic personnel in the region, Trump is insisting that he fulfill campaign promises about Jerusalem.
Previous US presidents have pledged to move the embassy from Tel Aviv, in accordance with US law, but have used waivers to delay the shift in recognition of the thorny problems such a move would create.

Obama Reverses American Policy to Slap Israel on Way Out of Office

He is trying to leave as much wreckage as possible before he exits the White House.

The resolution reflects an international consensus that the growth of Israeli settlement-building has come to threaten the viability of a Palestinian state in any future peace deal.

It is a view strongly shared by the Obama administration, and for that reason the US reversed its policy of vetoing any UN Security Council criticism of Israel.

It is a decision that was taken after months of debate within the administration about whether and how President Obama might be able to define his position on a two-state solution before leaving office.

But his successor Donald Trump has made clear he intends to strongly support Israeli government positions, even making a highly unorthodox intervention before the vote by publicly urging Mr Obama to veto the resolution.

Egypt Delays U.N Vote After Trump Comments

The real story here is that Obama was reportedly going to stick his thumb in Israel’s eye on his way out by allowing the vote to happen. Trump’s action actually upheld America’s long-standing policy of sticking up for Israel in the antisemitic U.N.

Egypt’s resolution called for Israel to stop building new settlements, which it said breached international law.

It was to have been voted on in the UN Security Council on Thursday, but Egypt withdrew it hours before the meeting was due to start.

The United States, which holds a veto at Security Council, has traditionally sheltered Israel from condemnatory resolutions by voting them down.

“Israelis deeply appreciate one of the great pillars of the US-Israel alliance: the willingness over many years of the United States to stand up in the UN and veto anti-Israel resolutions,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier.

“I hope the US won’t abandon this policy.”

But there had been speculation that the Obama administration might change that strategy in the president’s final month in office and allow Egypt’s resolution condemning Israel to pass by abstaining from voting in the Security Council.

Earlier on Thursday, Mr Trump had urged the Security Council to defeat the resolution.

Obama Promises to Stand By Israel if Attacked

Here’s what he said:

“But what I would say to them is that not only am I absolutely committed to making sure they maintain their qualitative military edge, and that they can deter any potential future attacks, but what I’m willing to do is to make the kinds of commitments that would give everybody in the neighborhood, including Iran, a clarity that if Israel were to be attacked by any state, that we would stand by them,” Obama said.

Here’s the problem with that… nobody believes him. He has let too many “red lines” be crossed for anyone to take him seriously when he tries to talk tough.

Obama Admin Reveals Israeli Nuclear Details

This is a horribly petty and dangerous move by the Obama Administration.

On February 12, the Pentagon quietly declassified a top-secret 386-page Department of Defense document from 1987 detailing Israel’s nuclear program – the first time Israel’s alleged nuclear program has ever been officially and publically referenced by the U.S. authorities.

In the declassified document, the Pentagon reveals supposed details about Israel’s deterrence capabilities, but it kept sections on France, Germany, and Italy classified. Those sections are blacked out in the document.


The declassification is a serious breach of decades’ old understandings concerning this issue between Israel and its north American and certain European allies.

The near-term effect of the disclosure is that it strengthens Iran’s resolve to get a nuke at the very time that America is about to give them one. It also gives Saudi Arabia more motivation to get a nuke. Obama’s actions are leading us much closer to arming the Middle East, one of the most volatile regions in the world, with nuclear weapons.

The longer-term effect is the continued erosion of trust between America and her allies. Obama’s repeated actions to slight our allies as he embraces our enemies weakens America’s overall ability to engage in coalition-based international initiatives. Obama’s actions, ironically, are making it more likely that America will only be able to engage in foreign affairs as a lone wolf because nobody trusts us to keep our word anymore.

Iran’s Leader Calls for Elimination of Israel

Just in case you were thinking that Iran wasn’t an issue anymore. Good thing our foreign policy is so effective nowadays.

The Iranian leader made his call for Israel to be “annihilated” on Twitter over the weekend. Mixed in with tweets insisting that Iran is committed to diplomacy on other issues, Khamenei posted a series of tweets slamming Israel. Among them was a document called “9 key questions about elimination of Israel.”

While he and other Iranian leaders have spoken similarly of Israel in the past, the one-page document, packed with specific details, was new.

It says the “proper way of eliminating Israel” is for “all the original people of Palestine including Muslims, Christians and Jews wherever they are, whether inside Palestine, in refugee camps in other countries or just anywhere else, take part in a public and organized referendum.” The “Jewish immigrants who have been persuaded into emigration to Palestine do not have the right to take part,” he adds.

It’s unclear who Khamenei thinks the “original people of Palestine” are, given that the region’s history dates back thousands of years and includes countless waves of immigration and exile.

White House Slams Netanyahu

This administration is so fast and harsh in criticizing our Jewish allies yet the picture of measured restraint when talking about our Islamist enemies.

Washington (AFP) – The White House delivered an extraordinary public rebuke to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, after he said US criticism of Israeli settlement building ran counter to “American values.”

It was another turn for the worse in the tense relationship between President Barack Obama’s administration and Netanyahu, amid deepening fallout from a meeting between the two leaders last week.

After those talks at the White House, Washington strongly condemned reported Israeli plans to give the go-ahead for thousands more settler homes in East Jerusalem, prompting Netanyahu to return fire in an interview broadcast on US television Sunday.