Fake Republican Runs for Sheriff in Dodge County

From RightWisconsin.

Recall petition signer challenges incumbent Sheriff in Republican Primary

In what appears to be a move of revenge from the disgruntled former sheriff of Dodge County, Dodge County Sheriff’s Lieutenant James Ketchem of Horicon filed nomination papers to challenge incumbent Sheriff Dale Schmidt in the August Republican primary.

However, my Dodge County Republican friends may want to know that this isn’t the first time James Ketchem has signed a nomination paper. Both he and his wife, Carrie, signed the Walker Recall Petition on December 2, 2011.

To make this situation even uglier, according to the Campaign Finance Registration, Ketchem’s treasurer is Doug Ninmann, the husband of the former Dodge County Sheriff, Pat Ninmann, who was appointed sheriff in 2013 but was defeated by Schmidt in the 2014 Republican Primary. Ninmann refused to lose gracefully, instead choosing to run as a write-in in the November General Election, losing to Schmidt yet again. Apparently, the Ninmanns want one more kick at Sheriff Dale Schmidt.