Trump Administration Rolls Back Oppressive Environmental Regulations


The Trump administration on Tuesday will begin the process of dismantling President Barack Obama‘s signature policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, according to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt.

“Tomorrow in Washington D.C., I’ll be signing a proposed rule to withdraw the so-called Clean Power Plan of the past administration and thus begin the effort to withdraw that rule,” Pruitt said in a speech Monday in Hazard, Kentucky.

Several news agencies reported last week that the EPA would soon propose repealing the rule and seek comments from stakeholders about a replacement regulation. The plan signals that the EPA has opted against tinkering with the existing rule — which was never seen as a likely course of action — or scrapping it altogether, a decision that would have almost certainly drawn lawsuits.

It also marks the next chapter for a policy that has become a lightning rod in the debate over the government’s role in slowing climate change. The rule has been in limbo since the Supreme Court put it on hold in February 2016, after 27 states and other opponents filed suit.
I suspect that these regulations were never going to survive the Supreme Court anyway, but at least we won’t have to risk it.