On Decency

Dave Zweifel is taking issue with Wisconsin Republicans emulating President Trump’s style of name calling. He says, in part:

Alas, this hasn’t been confined to Trump. Probably because of his success, other Republican operatives are emulating their leader’s coarseness — none more so than right here in Wisconsin.

No sooner had longtime campaign finance reform advocate Mike McCabe announced he was taking out papers to run for the Democratic nomination for governor than state GOP spokesman Alec Zimmerman quickly branded him as “Phony Mike McCabe.”

A few days earlier when Milwaukee-area businessman Andy Gronick announced his intention to do the same, Zimmerman quickly peppered him as an “out-of-touch con artist.”

Why take the time to outline why Republicans believe the candidates aren’t qualified to lead Wisconsin government when it’s so much easier to just call them names?

I might suggest that if Zweifel is going to take the high road and condemn political name calling, he also read the Democratic Party for Wisconsin’s website for some prime material for his next column. For example:

Following Kevin’s announcement for U.S. Senate, wrought with lies and excuses, KevinForWisconsin.com is updated to reveal the real Kevin Nicholson: a fake conservative and billionaire puppet. In addition to the new site content, voters across Wisconsin will be directed to the site via online ads on social media platforms and a search engine.

Kevin lied when he claimed he left the 2000 Democratic convention convinced he was no longer a Democrat because five years later, he registered as a Democrat in North Carolina. Kevin also lied when he said his military service was why he stopped being a Democrat because he voted in the 2008 Democratic primary for President in North Carolina after he returned from Iraq. He lied again when he said he voted “no preference” in-person in the 2008 Democratic primary, but election records showed that was impossible because no one in his precinct voted that way. And that’s just the start.

“Kevin Nicholson is an out-of-state billionaire’s puppet who lies to gain support,” said Martha Laning. “The people of Wisconsin need to know the truth: this Liar for Senate is only doing the bidding of his sole backer, an out-of-state billionaire, not the people of Wisconsin.”

Goose and Gander and whatnot…