Illegal Aliens Fear Getting Caught

This is the problem with years and years of normalizing illegal behavior. People become acclimated and it makes it that much tougher on them when we decide to enforce the law. All of these sob stories just reinforce the notion that we should enforce our laws swiftly and consistently.

Tensions were high in the immigrant community even before Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke announced his deputies would act as ICE agents. Advisers to the undocumented said that decision has many going underground.

I always wonder about comments like this:

Schrank said he was at the jail meeting with an undocumented client Thursday to explain that the sheriff’s announcement means he’s likely to face deportation, leaving three little kids behind.

Why would he leave his kids behind?

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  1. billphoto says:

    I suppose one could make the case either way for minor children that were brought to our Country but I just cannot swallow someone who is in our Country illegally and is too lazy to apply for citizenship. ┬áThat is a conscious choice on someone’s part and any complaint about the repercussions of that decision is unfounded.

    As for the children, what kind of a person would leave behind his or her family?

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